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Have Your Bankers Become Complacent?

It’s human nature to grow comfortable and set in our routines over time.

Would your commercial bankers gain a competitive advantage by venturing outside their “comfort zone” and normal day-to-day routine? Would an infusion of fresh ideas and new approaches help them better compete in today’s new market realities of fast change and fierce competitive pressures?

If your bankers are like most bankers across the country…

  • 50%-plus don’t hit their annual sales goals
  • Rely on referrals from CPAs and brokers for deal flow (One reason more bankers don’t hit their sales goals)
  • Have no strategy for “direct sourcing” new business directly with principals
  • Don’t make enough sales calls, especially to new prospects
  • Are too focused on chasing deals and not enough on building banking relationships
Ray Adler BTI Growth

Let The Sales Honing Academy Diagnose and Resolve Your Team’s Sales Challenges

Ray Adler, the founder and presenter of The Sales Honing Academy, has been diagnosing and resolving the production challenges of commercial banking teams for nearly two decades. His proven track-record of training and coaching commercial banking teams has resulted in Ray’s clients enjoying distinctly measurable improvements in production.

  • Close business with 25 basis point premiums over the competition
  • Increase the net interest margin by 20%
  • Fee income increased by 20%
  • 300% increase in business DDA accounts opened monthly
  • Achieved 162% of deposit goals
  • Hit 200% of annual goals by July
  • Hit 104% of stretch goal by October

What Sales Challenges Are Facing Your Bank?

If your bank is like most, 80% of production comes from 20% of your commercial bankers. A meaningful lift in production is attainable when the 80% of your bankers producing 20% of your results become more strategic, focused and start executing from a well-thought out strategy. A few of the more common sales challenges facing banks include:

  • Too many marginal loan packages
  • Not enough loan quality packages
  • Closing business with less than favorable NIM and NII
  • Loan customers with no deposits
  • Deposit customers with no loans
  • Heavy real estate concentrations
  • Not enough C&I relationships
  • Not being your customers “primary bank”
  • Customers not utilizing your treasury and cash management services, trust and wealth management services
  • Lenders not making enough quality sales calls
  • Lenders who are too fixated on rate rather than being able to sell value
  • Lenders who are poor negotiators

To Expand A Banking Relationship, Bankers Must Expand The Conversation

Our clients seek to position themselves as “trusted advisors” using a Consultative Sales Process to drive a very differentiated customer experience. To win business with higher margins and fees, bankers must slow the sales process slightly to allow time for deeper and more thoughtful questions and conversations. While counter intuitive, opportunities to expand customer relationships are missed when lenders don’t prepare a list of thought-provoking questions designed to expand the relationship in advance of sales appointments and phone calls.

Offering The Most Comprehensive Selection of “Consultative Sales” Content and Performance Improving Sales Strategies and Tools In The Market

Sales Process for Banks

Our clients strive not to compete on rate preferring to win business by delivering value with a focus on “relationships”. Unfortunately, many lenders today focus on rates being offered by competitors and in doing so, do a poor job of differentiating their bank or selling the value of their solution.

Easy-To-Implement Solutions For Your Sales Challenges

Because the needs of every commercial banking team are unique, your journey to becoming a bank that can deliver full banking relationships can start with one of two “tracks”:​

Track 1: Marketing Strategies Needed To Develop Full Banking Relationships

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Referrals from brokers and CPA’s are the #1 source of deal flow for bankers. These types of referrals create loan transactions. To develop full banking relationships requires different marketing approaches and strategies.

Our Marketing Track is designed to increase the quantity and quality of in-person sales appointments with principals of quality commercial customers. This results in an increase in quality loan requests as a result of:

  • Utilizing research to improve call quality
  • Reducing time wasted on low- or poor-quality prospects
  • Developing “trusted advisor” positioning
  • Developing and demonstrating industry knowledge
  • Having a disciplined follow-up process
  • Becoming sales funnel focused rather than pipeline focused to better manage production and assess individual skill needs
  • Utilizing new, “non-traditional” COIs for warm introductions
  • Developing stronger time and priority management disciplines.
  • Building a marketing system that ensures a stronger and more consistent pipeline.

Track 2. Sales Strategies Needed To Develop Full Banking Relationships

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Our Sales Track is designed to deepen and expand existing customer relationships. Developing full banking relationships requires a more disciplined consultative sales process. The content, tools and resources in the Sales Track focus on using “trusted advisor-style” behaviors which promote balanced growth and improved relationship profitability.

Your bankers will be guided and coached to increase the profitability of both existing and new customer relationships as a result of:

  • Turn real estate credits into full banking relationships.
  • Increase the profit profile of existing customers.
  • Developing new differentiation, positioning and communication strategies.
  • Implementing a consultative sales process that opens new opportunities for deposit generation, treasury management, and wealth management services. (If applicable)
  • Being more strategic and better prepared for sales appointments
  • Uncovering a broader array of financial and business needs
  • Becoming more competent and confident negotiators

“I’m at 200% of my annual goal and it’s only July. Ray’s taught me how to be productive rather than busy.”

— Sam Othus, Vice President,
Relationship Manager, Banner Bank

"Sale Honing consultative sales strategies helped me to close a $510,000 loan with 84-basis point premium over the competition.”

— Sean Puckett, SVP, Mechanics Bank

The Sales Honing® Academy

Several Delivery Options Make Performance Improvement Easy:

We have the experience necessary to offer a variety of convenient delivery options that can be tailored to address the performance challenges in your bank.

1. In-House Standard Programs – The Marketing and Sales Tracks are each twelve months in duration. This option helps “shake-up” comfortable and complacent bankers while upgrading a bank’s sales management capabilities. Some banks decide to implement one or both programs in their bank.

2. In-House Customized Program – With our extensive library of consultative sales content, tools and resources, we will utilize a survey process to assess the specific needs and priorities of your commercial banking team. Armed with the results of the survey process, we can develop a customize program of any duration and on a combination of topics from both the Marketing and Sales Tracks within the Sales Honing Academy.

3. In-House “90-Day Jumpstart” Mini-Series – Not ready to commit to a full 12-month sales improvement process? No problem! We offer several 90-Day “mini-series” designed to be delivered in-house and focused on improving specific parts of the sales process. Mini-Series options include:

  • Market Segmentation Mini-Series – Designed to improve the quality of your banker’s calling efforts. Your bankers will be facilitated through a process to determine their individual market “sweet-spot”. Content on how to better utilize Linked-In is also part of this mini-series. With a more segmented (less shotgun) approach to the market, bankers are better positioned to differentiate themselves from competitors.
  • Warm Introduction Mini-Series – Designed to increase the quantity and quality of in-person sales appointments using warm introductions.  This mini-series takes the blinders off your banker’s prospecting efforts. There’s plenty of “low-hanging fruit” on business and personal relationships seldom considered by bankers as sources of warm introductions.
  • Trusted Advisor Mini-Series – Designed to help bankers think and behave like Trusted Advisors and Consultants.  This mini-series guides bankers to competently execute a consultative sales process. Bankers are better able to differentiate themselves and add value resulting in closing business with greater profitability.
  • Confident Negotiator Mini-Series – Few bankers have had any formal negotiation training, yet much of their week is spent negotiating with prospects and customers. This mini-series focuses on the psychology, strategies, and tactics requested to negotiate and close business with greater profitability.

The Sales Honing® Academy 90-Day Jump Start – Dedicated To Building Full Banking Relationships:

The Academy provides an efficient “practice-based” sales improvement process based on research on how adults learn best.

  • Reasonable Time Commitment – Research proves that employees better digest and utilize “bite-size” chunks of content presented consistently over a period of time. (One day trainings fail to change behaviors long term) Strategies, content, and tools are delivered live through one, 60-minute webinar and one, 60-minute group coaching call every month. The Academy utilizes just two hours per month, a very reasonable investment of time.
  • Practice Makes The Difference – The routine sales behaviors of bankers of any tenure inhibit change and innovation. Included in each 60-minute webinar are succinct, 30-day action plans that bankers, working in conjunction with their sales manager practice to hone their sales efforts. Like anything in life, regular weekly practice is essential for improvement.
  • Greater Accountability – Monthly 30-Day Action Plans empower sales managers to set expectations and provide the coaching essential to “hone” banker mindsets, behaviors and skillsets.
  • Participants Set Improvement Goals – Through a 30-Minute Intake Process with us, each participant sets improvement goals that are reviewed and approved by their sales manager. This helps to ensure greater commitment from both banker and sales manager to the attainment of banker goals.

Sales Honing Academy Investment – Due to the various delivery options, pricing is provided following a phone or in-person conversation with Ray Adler, CEO. Ray can be reached at 760-445-4980.

Money Back Guarantee
We’re absolutely confident that this will be a career-transforming experience. Here's our invitation to you: Attend monthly sessions and complete all the homework for four months, and if you aren't 100% satisfied with your improvement, you may discontinue, and I'll give you a full refund. No kidding.

About Ray Adler, Founder of the Sales Honing® Academy, CEO, BTI Growth Advisors

Commercial Banking Sales Coach
and Change Catalyst for the 21st Century.

Ray Adler is nationally recognized as one of the foremost authorities on sales culture evolution, leadership and sales development in financial institutions. He is the CEO and President of BTI Growth Advisors, a firm that has been producing tangible improvements in financial institutions around the country for 19 years.

Ray helps identify and implement the right strategic changes needed to take their institution’s sales efforts to the next level. Ray’s guidance is comprehensive, and includes targeting and creating quality new commercial relationships, deepening existing relationships, strengthening sales leadership, and much more.

The Sales Honing® Academy evolved out of the perceived need to:

  • Provide institutions with a substantial and sustained lift in performance, not typically achieved by live “event style” sales training. 
  • Help regional, business and community institutions compete more favorably against the big banks.
  • Develop a research-based, sales improvement process aligned with how adults learn and change their behaviors.
  • Make BTI Growth Advisors revenue-boosting strategies affordable to any size institution.

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